About Us
The magazine was launched in September 2013 as “The Duchy Vixen” and was the brainchild of Sarah, currently studying for a Visual Communications degree. Sarah was motivated by a desire for a community based project that would involve her neighbours as well as allowing her to practice her graphic skills. Rosemary’s motivation was to have an outlet for her interest in writing. What started as a vague discussion on a walk suddenly crystallised when Margaret, a teacher and experienced magazine producer, came on board. Margaret’s extensive local knowledge and contacts meant that we had a wealth of people to call on to provide articles on a diverse range of subjects. Rosemary’s inquisitive nature led to our quarterly interview with a great range of local characters.

Pasted Graphic 4We named our magazine after the many foxes we see in our neighbourhood. We had enough material to fill 12 pages, Sarah produced a great layout, but then someone had to pay for it. So off we went knocking on doors and found the local business community to be amazingly supportive. And so Issue 1 was out. 650 copies were printed and distributed. By the 2nd issue, Rosemary’s refusal to have any of her material cut, meant that we needed another four pages. We increased our circulation to 800 copies, all delivered by hand.

The magazine continues to go from strength to strength. We have covered an amazing range of subjects from local history, Icelandic literature, wheelie bins, rheumatic diseases to the war. Many local people now want to participate by contributing articles, being interviewed or delivering so that we have become truly a community magazine.

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Sarah Pease, our illustrator, has lived in Harrogate for more than 13 years. Although originally a medic, since having a family and then a stepfamily her interests and career have changed direction to the visual arts. She is currently studying Graphic Design and Illustration. More of her work can be seen on spillustrate.com and her course blog is on spillustrate.wordpress.com.

Sarah says doing the layout is like assembling a 16 page jigsaw with variably sized pieces. She tries to group similar articles together to try and get a reasonable match with any adverts. Every issue seems to have too much, then too little, then too much again!

Sarah enjoys walking in the park and drinking Earl Grey tea in cafes, making surreptitious sketches of other tea drinkers!

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Rosemary Johnston has lived in Harrogate with her family since 2009. As well as writing and interviewing, Rosemary’s role is to hustle advertisers and contributors. She enjoys writing, has an eclectic collection of songs on her iPod, loves poetry, walking and deep meaningful conversations.

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Margaret Bond has lived in Harrogate for 40 years and has worked as a teacher for many years. She enjoys correcting our grammar!